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SERVICES: Pneu-Dart Dealer

We have recently became a dealer for Pneu-Dart and have seen lots of success from our local producers for on farm treatment. Pneu-Dart Rifles are a great option for on farm treatment allowing for quicker treatment in field and reduced stress on the cattle. It may also reduce the number of treatments necessary as the illness is usually caught earlier and treated right away (if properly diagnosed).

We carry 3cc, 5cc, and 10cc darts but are able to order different sizes. The darts have a gelatin collar that, once it enters the body, warms and becomes pliable allowing the dart to fall off the targeted animal right away to be picked up to reduce further injury to other animals sharing that pasture.

Some common and preferred drugs to use in darts as they have a lower dosage would be Draxxin, Zuprevo, Excenel or Polyflex. Ask our veterinarians for proper drug treatment and dosage for your animal.

We carry the 178BS Air Rifle model designed for short to medium ranges. It can deliver up to 10cc darts and comes with a Holographic scope with a field of view of 35 feet at 100 yards.

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