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SERVICES: Bovine: Calf Scours

Calf diarrhea, also called scours, is something that we all want to avoid. Our veterinary clinic can help reduce scours with various vaccinations for the cows, or by using products given to calves at birth. Ask our clinic for an on-farm calf scour treatment protocol. We can also help in cases where on farm management is not quite enough. For example, calves that cannot stand, have very sunken eyes and no suckle reflex are placed on intravenous (IV) fluids, which allow us to rehydrate them and get them back on their feet. IV fluids give the intestines rest and time to heal.  We also assess them for any other health issues and can choose the appropriate antibiotic when needed.

In our calf isolation facility, we can hospitalize calves that require IV fluid therapy and closely monitor them. It also isolates the calf from your farm reducing the environmental contamination.

Bovine Calf Scours

Bovine Calf Scours